About Sumner CrossFit

Sumner CrossFit

Sumner CrossFit offers CrossFit for all ages and levels of athletes, CrossFit Foundations for beginners, and our proven 4 week long weight loss program SCF Body Camp Challenge. These variety of options give all fitness levels and ages something that fits their specific fitness goals.

Every Friday we end the week with Friday Night Smackdown, a chance for us to train hard and have fun. We have an amazing, motivated, experienced and educated group of coaches to help keep you focused on your health and fitness goals ensuring a healthy lifestyle change.

We host CrossFit seminars such as CF Kids, CF Endurance, etc throughout the year.

We pride ourselves by being diverse and welcoming. There is a great sense of community and family within our member base. Don't begin your fitness journey alone, get the support, motivation and direction to stay focused and on track ensuring long term success.

Our Philosophy

Sumner CrossFit is dedicated to FITNESS. We are NOT a “club”. Our classes and training sessions are for people who have decided to make health and fitness a major part of their lives, and understand that you have to invest in your body.

You will not find machines waiting for you to waste countless hours with no real results. You will not find people more interested in looking in the mirror than working out with you. You will not find classes without purpose.

You WILL find support from coaches and members to help you reach your goals and encourage you to achieve your potential. You will make friends, get results, and feel amazing.

This is a place to get fit, live healthly, and “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”.

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